The Social Media Quiz | Concept
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Online personality quizzes are becoming more and more popular and people enjoy taking them frequently.

Not only are they a medium of entertainment, but they also serve as a medium to build a community.

The Social Media Quiz stands out through its results. It is different compared to usual online personality quizzes. Instead of an explanatory text, it shows the user a short animation that describes the results of your social media usage. After taking the quiz, the user is able to share its results on different social media sites. This turns the quiz into a multimedia, individual, and interactive experience.

 Through an entertaining way, the user learns about his or her usage of social media and is able to join a community and connect to other users with the same interests.



Online personality quizzes are becoming very popular. They are made for entertainment, increasing traffic on websites or marketing.

The usual online personality quiz ends with a short text, describing the results. But with todays development in technology and web content,  the question arises, whether there is a possibility to extend the concept of online personality quizzes.

The idea is that the results are shown in a short animation, which is how this quiz differs from the other online personality quizzes.



The Social Media Quiz is an online personality quiz that tells the user what kind of social media user he is. It has eight questions that have to be answered and in the end it shows a short animation that describes the behaviour in social media.

Afterwards, the user can decide whether he wants to share his results on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and show his or her friends the result, and make them take the test as well.



Because ‚The Social Media Quiz‘ tells the user what kind of social media user he or she is, it addresses people that use social media regularly and have little knowledge about it.

It also addresses people who are interested in interactive web content.



The Social Media Quiz contains eight short questions that have to be answered to get a result. Because they are entertaining and easily framed, the user enjoys taking the quiz. The questions are easy to answer and don’t take much time.

The short animations are also short and amusing, which turns it into an agreeable experience. They have a simple and nice design that supports the understanding of the results.



With the possibility to share your result from ‚The Social Media Quiz‘ on different social media sites, the possibility to create a community increases and it encourages discussion. Sharing of the quiz makes the user feel connected.

By sharing the result of the quiz on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, friends will ‚Like‘, comment and share, or take  the quiz themselves. They will know more about each other and this builts a community.



The Social Media Quiz is interactive. The quiz puts the user in an active role, where he becomes responsible for the content he creates and shares.

The connection to different social media sites increases its attractivity and promotes communication in various forms such as chatting, commenting and sharing. The user is able to share the result on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, which encourages discussions.